The Tech Partners is a close-knit group of digital advertising veterans who have decades of combined experience. We have unearthed a methodical and efficient approach to achieving client goals. 

Our objective is to implement Ad-Tech and Mar-Tech systems to connect high-quality audiences with our clients for the sake of growth and development.

Who We Are

From brands to advertising agencies, we provide media and marketing technology solutions to clients in Latin America. We identify the most proficient system of tools that are specifically geared towards the individual client business objectives as part of a digital transformation strategy and guide them through the process.

 We are part of Numatec, an international holding enterprise that invests in companies and develops partnerships to help brands improve their marketing executions through knowledge and technology. 


Our Team


Fernando Juarez

CEO & Co-founder

As a digital media advocate, Fernando is accomplished in the skill of connecting advertisers with the perfect blend of media technology to shape their journey of digital transformation.

Fernando’s previous experience involved assisting in the growth of MediaMath across Latin America and US Hispanic markets. He became manager of the company’s Commercial and Operations teams, and delivered the MediaMath value proposition to help drive success for their clients.

With a client-oriented background and over 20 years in the industry of advertising media, Fernando has been accountable for establishing, leading, and developing digital media strategies for a variety of companies. Fernando has worked in an all-encompassing capacity with B2B and B2C client agencies, such as WPP & IPG. He has always been committed to providing unparalleled assistance to clients when navigating their digital advertising journey.


Julio Ruiz

Vice President Latin America

A marketer at heart, Julio has always had his finger on the pulse of digital advertising. His forte lies in the growth and development of each company, client, and team he has ever worked with. With more than 18 years of experience in the advertising industry, he has consistently led agencies with creative and media-focused strategies.

Throughout his professional career, he has pioneered media projects in the cultural, music, and technology events sector by employing a bespoke creative path built upon data-driven strategies. He has gained international experience while collaborating with leaders in several European markets, as well as working closely with the Latin American Market with whom he knows exceptionally well.

After enjoying many years working with such reputable agencies as Rebold, Social Noise, and Relevant Traffic, he has decided to make a strategic move. Over his experience, Julio has achieved a greater and more in-depth perspective of the holistic customer and agency journey, so he joined The Tech Partners to create a model that would help agencies and brands achieve sustained growth.

Our Clients