Technology Partners

Our goal is to help you reach yours by constructing a programmatic strategy that is cost effective, dynamic, and in-house. We provide and design the most suitable technology solutions to accomplish business objectives and advertising demands.


Through our integrated services, we offer our clients fully-functioning and autonomous media and advertising tech systems to target and reach high-quality audiences.

Zeta combines consumer intent data, first-party data, and results-driven AI to power customer acquisition and retention.

AdLib is a global DSP that is easy to access and easy to use. It has all the power clients need without the obstacles and complexities. AdLib is cost-efficient, straightforward, and user-friendly. No contracts and no minimum spend.

EPICA organizes all your data and allows you to access individual customer profiles. The system manages, segments, and tracks behaviors, driving more effective results.

Space acts as a DSP for apps - it helps map, manage and target users to your app according to your business goals and KPIs. Space tracks progress and developments in real-time, so you are always on the ball.

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